This summer I'll be setting up a new tank, a 29 gallon with live breeders and driftwood.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

George is Moving Up and Out!

I got some Java Fern a while  ago from a fish store in hollywood.
By accident, some baby mollies (molly fry) were included in the bag of water the plant was scooped up in. As a result, I got two little molly fry to take home. I fed them crushed goldfish flakes, which they ate vigoursly, but they died :( 

The Java Fern is doing OK in my empty fish bowl.
George is in a 1 gallon jar.
He's being donated!
To my friend Lucy.
He's being sent away for Christmas to Lucy with the jar, the jar lid, gravel, decorations (fake plants), food, water conditioner, and INSTRUCTIONS. Lmao!
I'm going to try and set up my 2.5 bowl or tank as a planted thing. Until I get the aquascape and the plants nice and running, I'll be holding off on replacing George. Wish me luck!
P.S) You know how I have to put an image for every blog? Well... I realized it's a bit im-practical when I don't even have a camera! After Christmas we'll start ;D

Friday, November 12, 2010

The New Resolve + Cloudy Water

The water in my 3 gal bowl is cloudy! It has been since 2 days ago a bit after I set it up. I don't understand why. My tanks have never gone cloudy on me! Then again... I've only had 3. Technically 4. (The fourth & first technically being the 1 gallon one I broke the first day I had it before I even set it up) I asked my dad, him being my favorite resource for general fish tank info. He said, "...." The dots are there because I cannot quite remember what he said! Brb. I need to go ask again c:

*3 minutes later*
My Dad is sleeping :o
W.e. Point is, it was something about bacteria and cycling and stuff. He said it will blow over soon. IT BETTER!

On another note, I have a new resolve! A goal! To make every, I mean every blog entry accompined w/ @ least 1 photograph.

*Darn. I Just published this, read over it, and realized I ALREADY broke my resolve by not publishing this flog w/ a picture. ^refreshing goal^ After searching for a loop-hoal in my steel cast, I've realized I didn't say an on topic photo. So enjoy c:

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Petco Photoshoot

Here are the photos from the PETCO photoshoot I did back in September.I edited them all w/ the free version of Picnik. They say Elizabeth Anne in the corner because they were done in the time period I decided to change my pen name to 'Elizabeth Anne'. *Rolls Eyes* Why am I always changing my frigging pen name? Lol. I'm just going to leave it as my REAL name from now on. Sara Beth. :3

Oh Dear.... were in for a trip!

I haven't gotten a chance to log in and write up a flog update in a while. I'll be starting today's by quickly going over what's been happening with my tank!
*2 months ago I did a complete 100 % water change and cleaned out my 2.5 gal tank.
*I had rinsed the live plants in the tap water, & 4 out of 6 died.
*The lid to the filter broke off
*I discovered the filter canister has to be changed a LOT more often to keep it running properly (no wonder!)
*George has been living the good life in his almost plant-less tank
*I discovered george will chase after and try to eat the red dot from the laser thermometure I use
*I set up the 3 gallon bowl yesterday with the fake plants, new gravel, and the 2 struggling live plants (and the filter)
*George is acclimating now

~Tuesday was my cousin's birthday, & I finally got to give her that bowl! As soon as I arrived we set it up. Her old fish, Sushi, died a couple days before. But now she has a beautiful purpleish pink delta tail! The bowl looks HUGE with the one small fish, and one small 1 inch decoration in the center! I also gave her something so if she wants to set up a filter, she can.
*edit- Here is her betta, Sushi, that just died. He's just the fat one c: 
And here is the fancy shmancy painting I did of him in about 10 minutes.. 
(If you notice, this one says 'Zelilaa' in the corner. Yet again another pen name phase) 

~I went to petco about 3 months ago and got that photo shoot I wanted to! I'll upload the photos later today or tommorow.
update~*they are in the photo gallery, & the best 4 fish ones are in the post above*

~Remeber the article 'New Betta Bulbs & 20 gallon wishful thinking' ?Well, my Dad told me he thinks I'll be ready to get a 20 gallon soon. I've already decided to get a long. I've been searching for deals on craigslist. I'm going to buy everything and set it up next summer or fall! I've already decided on what layout to use for the tank (it will be planted!) http://www.tropica.com/layouts/beginner/starter-layout-%2854l%29/description.aspx

These are the types of fish I'm currently considering.
*Neon Tetras OR Zebra Danios
*Painted Platy
Goodnight to all!

Monday, October 4, 2010

New Betta Bulbs and Wishful Thinking

I went to Petco today to replace that Money Wort plant I bought the other day. I decided to go with another pack of betta bulbs though because they worked so well the first time.  I picked up some dog & cat food and looked at the bettas. There were NO pretty or interesting ones today, and their stock had seemed to be cut in half. Perhaps someone bought a ton? I hope so! Because if that Petco starts stocking less bettas im screwed man >.>  

My dad pointed out the AMAZING sale on 20 gallon longs. They were only 20 dollars! Woooahhh! Also, last night he asked where I would have room for a 20 gallon in my tank. At the store we talked about what fish I would put in a 20 gal.... and he looked at 20 gal filters & lights. Maybe he's thinking about getting me a 20 gallon tank?!? I hope so! I doubt it because I just started in the fish hobby a month ago. But he keeps complimenting the tank and saying how wonderful I'm doing and how impressed he is... so who knows? Only one thing for sure... by 3 years time I WILL have a 20 gallon.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

George the Beast

A pair of photos of the famous George, ,the aggressive  psychopathic cellophane.

I'm sunken in all of this...

writing! Sick of it! Theres so much too write... again.I just finished a detailed fabulous blog entry of all what I'm about to hurriedly tell you, when I hit the Backspace button and inside of going BACK A SPACE, it went to the last page I was one. I immediately pressed the foward button at the top left corner, but the whole blog entry was erased. Blah  :/

So I will say this AQAP (as quickly as possible). I bought a 3 gallon bowl for 4 dollars at goodwill while hanging out with my biffle Sam. I am saving it for future use. So now I have a 3 gal bowl (unused), a 2 gal bowl (for Caro as a present), a 2 gal thing (for Christen as a present), AND my actually used 2.5 gal tank. Phew! I don't think the 2 gal ones count though because they are presents.

Also, I had thrown out my two L.E.D lights because one broke and the other gave off barely any light. I took my desk light and put a 6 watt high power led in it and I'm using that for the tank. It's a goosneck and very bright. Erm..... what else? Oh yah. I bought a money wort plant at pet smart which immediately died on me so I threw it out. :/ That's all for today folks! c:

Monday, September 20, 2010


W.W.C ~ Weekly Water Changes
Yahoo! I got a filter, so now I'm doing w.w.c instead of one every 3 days. Spoons seems to really enjoy the new filter. He's more active already. I'm using the Tetra Whisper 3i.
EDIT: I went back, and found a photo of George in his tank taken a day or so after this post. Since there are no photos of how his tank used to look, here.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Say Hullo::

I went to the store I bought Kavi from today and get a refund. Apparently though, Refunding wasn't an option. It was live with a dead fish and a lost 10 bucks, or replace the fish. I didn't want to get another fish so soon though! I wanted to go home, do a couple water changes, consider cycling it, etc. Maybe try new food? Buy from petsmart instead? Point is.. There was no option given. I was forced to buy a new fish. SO picked a gorgeous cellophane betta. He has a yellow thing on the top of his head that in my opinion looks like fungus. And he has some cool dark grey streaks in his tail.
I just put him in the bowl a little while ago. Let's see how he settles in, and pray for him not to die. I named him Spoons. Stupid BUT: w.e 

What? No.

I'm in denial. I am most defiantly in denial. My fish died. No! He didn't.. he couldn't have! I only bought him today around 5' o' clock. I did everything right! I conditioned the water, I gave him proper food and acclimated just fine. So he couldn't be dead! Betta's are supposed to be hardy. You know, hard to kill? So how likely is it that he died after I had him 9 hours? No. It's not likely. So he couldn't possibly be dead! I bet he's just sleeping. Taking a long nap after a stressful day. You know, traveling in a car, being dumped in a bowl? Being fed new foods? I get that. Kavi is probably just tired. Just lying at the bottom of the 2 gal bowl, resting. That's it! Hah! Why would I ever think he's dead anyways?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm such a noob.

My first fishy swishy! I have christened him 'Kavi'. May he live long and prosper. His name means god of flocks in greek, and is also polish and thai. Very cultural no? :{D  
While at Petco, I also picked up some fish food,

and water conditioner.

Kavi is a dark red crowntail betta.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Replacement Fish Bowls

I drove to marshalls, and bought another bowl. This one is 2 gallons for 10 dollars. Glass in thinner. I will be much more careful. My mother also went out and bought me this large glass cylinder thing to use. So now~ I break one~ I have a backup! Lmao.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fail. Elephantine. Overstuffed. Fail.

Rinsed off some old pebbles for gravel right? La la la.... rinses s'more... adds some bleach.... rinses s'more... clean! Pours into tank, woops! I broke the tank. Silly me.   :3

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The First... 'Tank'

Today I purchased my first fish bowl. It's 1 gallon, and 5 dollars from Marshalls. The image is a similar bowl off Google. Found the image on this site: