This summer I'll be setting up a new tank, a 29 gallon with live breeders and driftwood.

Monday, October 4, 2010

New Betta Bulbs and Wishful Thinking

I went to Petco today to replace that Money Wort plant I bought the other day. I decided to go with another pack of betta bulbs though because they worked so well the first time.  I picked up some dog & cat food and looked at the bettas. There were NO pretty or interesting ones today, and their stock had seemed to be cut in half. Perhaps someone bought a ton? I hope so! Because if that Petco starts stocking less bettas im screwed man >.>  

My dad pointed out the AMAZING sale on 20 gallon longs. They were only 20 dollars! Woooahhh! Also, last night he asked where I would have room for a 20 gallon in my tank. At the store we talked about what fish I would put in a 20 gal.... and he looked at 20 gal filters & lights. Maybe he's thinking about getting me a 20 gallon tank?!? I hope so! I doubt it because I just started in the fish hobby a month ago. But he keeps complimenting the tank and saying how wonderful I'm doing and how impressed he is... so who knows? Only one thing for sure... by 3 years time I WILL have a 20 gallon.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

George the Beast

A pair of photos of the famous George, ,the aggressive  psychopathic cellophane.

I'm sunken in all of this...

writing! Sick of it! Theres so much too write... again.I just finished a detailed fabulous blog entry of all what I'm about to hurriedly tell you, when I hit the Backspace button and inside of going BACK A SPACE, it went to the last page I was one. I immediately pressed the foward button at the top left corner, but the whole blog entry was erased. Blah  :/

So I will say this AQAP (as quickly as possible). I bought a 3 gallon bowl for 4 dollars at goodwill while hanging out with my biffle Sam. I am saving it for future use. So now I have a 3 gal bowl (unused), a 2 gal bowl (for Caro as a present), a 2 gal thing (for Christen as a present), AND my actually used 2.5 gal tank. Phew! I don't think the 2 gal ones count though because they are presents.

Also, I had thrown out my two L.E.D lights because one broke and the other gave off barely any light. I took my desk light and put a 6 watt high power led in it and I'm using that for the tank. It's a goosneck and very bright. Erm..... what else? Oh yah. I bought a money wort plant at pet smart which immediately died on me so I threw it out. :/ That's all for today folks! c: