This summer I'll be setting up a new tank, a 29 gallon with live breeders and driftwood.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The New Resolve + Cloudy Water

The water in my 3 gal bowl is cloudy! It has been since 2 days ago a bit after I set it up. I don't understand why. My tanks have never gone cloudy on me! Then again... I've only had 3. Technically 4. (The fourth & first technically being the 1 gallon one I broke the first day I had it before I even set it up) I asked my dad, him being my favorite resource for general fish tank info. He said, "...." The dots are there because I cannot quite remember what he said! Brb. I need to go ask again c:

*3 minutes later*
My Dad is sleeping :o
W.e. Point is, it was something about bacteria and cycling and stuff. He said it will blow over soon. IT BETTER!

On another note, I have a new resolve! A goal! To make every, I mean every blog entry accompined w/ @ least 1 photograph.

*Darn. I Just published this, read over it, and realized I ALREADY broke my resolve by not publishing this flog w/ a picture. ^refreshing goal^ After searching for a loop-hoal in my steel cast, I've realized I didn't say an on topic photo. So enjoy c:

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Petco Photoshoot

Here are the photos from the PETCO photoshoot I did back in September.I edited them all w/ the free version of Picnik. They say Elizabeth Anne in the corner because they were done in the time period I decided to change my pen name to 'Elizabeth Anne'. *Rolls Eyes* Why am I always changing my frigging pen name? Lol. I'm just going to leave it as my REAL name from now on. Sara Beth. :3

Oh Dear.... were in for a trip!

I haven't gotten a chance to log in and write up a flog update in a while. I'll be starting today's by quickly going over what's been happening with my tank!
*2 months ago I did a complete 100 % water change and cleaned out my 2.5 gal tank.
*I had rinsed the live plants in the tap water, & 4 out of 6 died.
*The lid to the filter broke off
*I discovered the filter canister has to be changed a LOT more often to keep it running properly (no wonder!)
*George has been living the good life in his almost plant-less tank
*I discovered george will chase after and try to eat the red dot from the laser thermometure I use
*I set up the 3 gallon bowl yesterday with the fake plants, new gravel, and the 2 struggling live plants (and the filter)
*George is acclimating now

~Tuesday was my cousin's birthday, & I finally got to give her that bowl! As soon as I arrived we set it up. Her old fish, Sushi, died a couple days before. But now she has a beautiful purpleish pink delta tail! The bowl looks HUGE with the one small fish, and one small 1 inch decoration in the center! I also gave her something so if she wants to set up a filter, she can.
*edit- Here is her betta, Sushi, that just died. He's just the fat one c: 
And here is the fancy shmancy painting I did of him in about 10 minutes.. 
(If you notice, this one says 'Zelilaa' in the corner. Yet again another pen name phase) 

~I went to petco about 3 months ago and got that photo shoot I wanted to! I'll upload the photos later today or tommorow.
update~*they are in the photo gallery, & the best 4 fish ones are in the post above*

~Remeber the article 'New Betta Bulbs & 20 gallon wishful thinking' ?Well, my Dad told me he thinks I'll be ready to get a 20 gallon soon. I've already decided to get a long. I've been searching for deals on craigslist. I'm going to buy everything and set it up next summer or fall! I've already decided on what layout to use for the tank (it will be planted!) http://www.tropica.com/layouts/beginner/starter-layout-%2854l%29/description.aspx

These are the types of fish I'm currently considering.
*Neon Tetras OR Zebra Danios
*Painted Platy
Goodnight to all!