This summer I'll be setting up a new tank, a 29 gallon with live breeders and driftwood.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


     I love coming to this city. I haven't done it in a couple years. I like to visit here, and endure the ridiculously long drive, just to be in the atmosphere. Anyhow, I passed a fish store and thought I'd go in. Quite boring for a fish store actually, but they do sell rams. I like them, but a little too pricey at 10 dollars a pop. So I headed over to a nearbye reptile and amphibian store to see what they have. A cute little 1 inch peninsula newt. I asked what they were and how big they get. Friendly, easy to feed, and adorable. They grow from 3-5 inches. So I think I'll have one in my 20 gal long.

UPDATE: The 3 gallon still has no nitrates and no nitrites. ARGH! But, screw it. I'm getting the frog  tomorrow evening when I get home. I got the lid, and the plants have settled in nicely. One is dying, but the other 3 are doing fab. The corkscrew even has a new plant, 3 inches tall at least. And another new one coming up. I'm very impressed!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I hate cycling

I hate cycling this tank. 3 weeks now, and still NO nitrates. Ugh. But, my ammonia levels are low, and I have a bunch of plants. So I'm going to get Vik next weekend. Oh, yes. Well, the frog I'm getting, as you know, I am naming Viktor Shroom Stroganoff. (First, middle, and last). It's annoying to say Viktor, as pronounced ViKtour. So from now on, it's Vik for short.

Fixing the tank

Remember how I put a crack in my 2.5 gal while trying to de-rim it? (My Dad still says it was a stupid idea. I beg to differ.) Well, I'm patching that crack. I went out to Shell Lumber today and bought a panel of glass to put on the inside of tank with some silicone. AKA~ Aquarium sealent. I'll get around to the actual doing it later. For now, I'm going to chill. I'm not using that tank now, nor will be in the near future. Or the late future. So, yah.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Bowl: Update

This is the way the bowl looks now. (2.5 gal) The day after I bought the plants. Beautiful no? The plants are, as listed in the last post, *Corkscrew Val *Some kind of sword *Water Wisteria *Onion  like thingy.
I'll make it a bit more.... accurate the next time I go to PetSmart. I got the Mexican river rock (big gray rock with white speckles by terra cotta pot) from my Dad, who found it along the sidewalk. The colorful stones are from my brother, in an act of generosity. I am unaware of their origin, but they are beautiful and safe for the tank. The natural colored gravel is from Petco.
I hope you love the set-up! I feel like I really surprised myself with this layout. I bought the plants with no idea of how I would perform the aquascape. I'm very proud, especially about how I managed to make the inside of the pot seem shaded, safe, and a good hidey hole, but that he (Viktor Shroom Stroganoff ~ ADF) will feel secure and tucked away while I can still see him.
This is my first aqua scape. It looks good! Excuse me, but I cannot get over the pride of my accomplishment.
There are still a few things left to be done, though.
  1. Finish cycling. (about 2 more weeks)
  2. Get a cover.
  3. Set up C02 system.
Once I do thus, I may resume getting the frog.
A little additional notice: While day dreaming on the bus today, I thought about the idea of Viktor dying! I decided that if he did, I would get a girl in my second go, and name her Miss Madam Cher Poofla.
Poof for short. Cute no?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oh Dear.... were in for a trip! II

The title of 'Oh Dear... were in for a trip!' is now being used once again. As alas, it means I have not been keeping up with the  blog! But, this means now there is a very interesting summary of what has occurred over the past few weeks. Pretty, isn't it? But only, I filled it up to the top and added George.

*While George was in his jar, shortly before going to his new home, I got sick of the maintence level of the small jar. So I ripped out the dying Java Fern and gravel, and did this with the babies. 
*George has finally taken flight to Lucy's home. She bought him a new tank (he couldn't live in  that jar forever!) and bought some of the tackiest decorations I have ever seen. It is so neon colored and decoration filled, I am NOT posting a picture.
*I have been busy cycling the bowl since George left us. It is currently at 1pm of ammonia, and 0 of everything else. I also found out my tap water is 7.2 ph. I have never tested the water before. Oh no, now I have you all thinking I have purchased a test kit! I haven't, and won't, for a long time. I brought the water in to a store far away from where I live to get it tested. The man there was very rude and sure of himself, in the worst way posible. Then, he told me I didn't have anythign of anything in the tank. What? SO I bit my tongue to keep from snapping back at his remarks (including, "Lady, I've been doing this for 35 years". I was dying to say "My father has been doing it for over 40 years Mr., so shut up.") and left. I brought another water sample to another store I also love, which not to mention has nicer employees, and got it re-tested there. I then got my results.
*I talked to the nice manager for a minute about a plant, and then left. They didn't have what I was looking for.
*At petsmart I bought 4 plants. I wanted to buy the mossimo balls, but my Father, who drove me, suggested I might find them cheaper online. They were 1.5 in in diameter for 8 dollars a piece. Online, I've found them cheapest at that size for 5 dollars each. But then with the shipping price of 10 bucks,  of course, I'm going to buy them in store. While looking for the mossimo balls online, I found some 3-4 in diameter ones for only $12 each! If you are interested, this is the link. Anyways, the plants I bought...
  1. Amazon Sword
  2. Corkscrew Nana
  3. Water Wisteria
  4. Some grassy looking thing (Resembled onion. I'll find out what it was next time I go to PetSmart)
    That's all! Thanks, I'll update yall later.