This summer I'll be setting up a new tank, a 29 gallon with live breeders and driftwood.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Viktor Loves to Sing!

     Not quite opera though. He sings an original song he wrote himself, "A super cute chainsaw rumble"  Yes my dears, Viktor, as of Monday, started mating calls! Monday night, he sang just a little bit, for about 5 seconds. Tuesday night he sung for a couple of minutes, and now it has increased so he'll sing at random intervals all the time, even during the day! Its weird for him to sing during the day because they are supposed to do it only at night. But my idiotic cutie pie sings in the middle of the day. It just always makes me smile. I cant record, since he doesn't do it for a long enough time in one go to get a good video. But this person did! His is lower pitched. My cute little manly man! Here is the video,
     Also, I invented a little cleaning device above. I cut out part of a sponge without any soap, that wasn't micro fiber or it'd fall apart, and didn't have any tough scrubbing strands that could scratch the glass. Then I folded it in half, stuck it on a thick wooden skewer, and hot glued it in place. I can now reach the hard to reach areas of my tank, AND clean the algea my shrimp refuse to touch, off the glass! Watch it in action.

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